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By joining your local HBA, you automatically become a member of the Home Builder’s Association of Alabama an the National Association of Home Builders. In addition to the benefits of your local association membership, you receive valuable state and national benefits, plus the satisfaction of networking with HBA members around the nation.

Membership Designations: 

Builder Member: $538 Includes any person, firm, partnership or corporation whose primary business is the construction or remodeling of single or multi-family housing and/or commercial property; or the development of land into improved property; or general contracting. This amount of the annual Builder Membership dues and covers meals at the monthly meetings for one individual.

Associate Member: 

$538 Any business related to the homebuilding industry that provides products or services to builders, developers and remodelers. Included categories are trade contractors, suppliers, real estate agencies, architects, etc. This amount consists of the annual Associated Membership dues and covers meals at monthly meetings for one individual.

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 A Membership Application

(Please Note: There is an $18 convenience charge fee for all debit/credit card payments for a total due of $556.00)